A unique and innovative truss removal system.

The EcoTrus loft conversion system is a revolutionary loft conversion process which utilises patented technology to complete loft conversions which are 30% stronger, 60% faster and 40% cheaper than traditional methods. We construct the inner frame of your loft conversion offsite in our factory and then assemble on site – meaning less intrusion and build time at your property.

This process enables a typical loft conversion to be installed by 2 men with laser accuracy fitments. There is no party wall agreement required and no crane or heavy machinery required as our system is ultra lightweight, which benefits your property by eradicating the use of heavy steels.

What is a truss loft?

Trussed lofts are a fairly modern roof design that utilise a frame made up triangles to support the roof where there is no wall to support the weight.

Trusses can be removed but, due to the nature of the truss frame, it is a large undertaking to ensure the roof load weight is redistributed correctly. This involves a site visit from a structural engineer to ensure the load calculations of the roof are distributed evenly at all contact points. This procedure requires building control inspection and certification, something we take care of throughout the project.

Because of this, most loft conversion companies charge an excessive amount more to cover the extra workload. This is what makes the EcoTrus system beneficial in every single way because the system works perfectly with every type of frame.

Introducing EcoLoft truss removal system

Roof lesson aside, these types of lofts are normally considered a ‘difficult’ job by many loft specialists and a great deal simply walk away! Well not here at EcoLoft, we’re made of sterner stuff in Yorkshire and we embrace a good challenge.

We have created a patented support system which can convert modern truss lofts without ever impacting on the structural integrity of your roof.