EcoLoft have developed the EcoTrus system which has enabled us to complete loft conversions faster, cheaper and stronger than they have ever been before! Because of this system, we have developed 3 clear development phases for your loft conversion which enables you as a private client or business to jump on the build at any stage to complete the loft conversion.

Three Distinct Phases…One Easy Choice!

Ecoloft understand that many of our customers have access to their own trusted tradesmen, so we’ve built an approach that gives you complete control over how much work you ask us to do. If you only want us to do the structural work, no problem! Choose Phase 1 and you can complete the rest.

If you would like us to complete everything, right down to the painting and decorating, choose Phase 3 and we would be delighted to do so! If you think you’re somewhere in between, then Phase 2 will be right for you.

The EcoTrus system now opens the opportunity for structural changes to be completed with ease. This means that we can pass those savings on to you and deliver a much stringer and more efficient structure.

Here’s an example of how this might work

Are you a builder with limited loft conversion experience but have a client requesting this service? GREAT! We now work with all trades and can complete the loft conversion for you faster and cheaper than traditional methods – you can then focus on the second fix of your loft conversion e.g plumbing, plastering and electrics. We also offer a turn key solution if required and you can quite easily “jump on” or off the conversion at any stage you see fit.